Our Story:

The idea for WaitChecker was inspired by people just like you.

  • The busy mom, waiting to see the doctor, with her little kids in tow who are bored, tired,
    hungry, and sick.
  • The professional who had to miss an important meeting because his doctor was running late.
  • The small business owner who lost billable hours because she was stuck in the waiting room.
  • The patient dealing with a chronic illness who feels as though half of his life is spent waiting in a
    doctor's waiting room.
  • And all the other healthcare consumers who are just plain sick and tired of waiting.

In fact, it was the brainchild of three young professionals looking to solve the wait time problem. In
2010, a busy sports medicine orthopedic surgeon – wanted to help communicate
wait times to his patients online, or via email, smartphone app, or text messaging. He, along
with two Chicago area entrepreneurs - who have experienced long wait times as patients themselves -
developed and founded MedWaitTime (MWT). MWT is a web-based communication tool for hospitals,
clinics, physicians, and their patients, used to communicate wait-time information, appointment
availability, health news, prevention tips, wellness information, and entertaining wait-time content.
MedWaitTime’s mission is to foster patient satisfaction and healthy communications between patients
and their healthcare providers, alleviate patient complaints about lengthy wait times, and assist
physicians in managing practices to be competitive and profitable.

MWT gained a tremendous amount of media exposure including:

05/25/2010 - Using Web to Curb Waiting-Room Times, The Wall Street Journal
05/20/2010 - The Doctor Is In: Wait No More?, Fox National News

And, with a mention from Clark Howard, host of The Clark Howard Show – a nationally syndicated
television and radio show – thousands of patients went to the website to request that their doctor sign
up for the service.

Because patients were requesting the service at a much faster rate than doctors were signing up, the
trio decided to develop WaitChecker, a free service enabling patients to find out the wait time for any
doctor, anywhere in the United States.

We understand that healthcare is unpredictable, and doctors run behind for a variety of reasons. But
not knowing how long you will be waiting causes undue stress and anxiety, wastes valuable time, and
discourages people from going to the doctor.

WaitChecker is a service to help take the "wait" out of the waiting room by using today's technology to
communicate wait times between patients and doctors. Time is valuable. Knowing wait times can help
you manage your time, and make the most out of any wait.

What is WaitChecker?

WaitChecker informs patients about their doctors’ wait time.

Simply enter your appointment information and we will send you the wait time an hour or less before your appointment.

We provide a platform to allow patients, like you, and doctors to share what is going on in the waiting room in real-time.

We are available to help any patient for any doctor, anytime or anywhere in the United States.
Most importantly, this service is absolutely FREE.  In exchange, all we ask is that you help others by sharing your patient experience when you are at the doctor’s office.  Doctors can also broadcast their wait time for free.

Why do we provide this service?

Healthcare is unpredictable. Unfortunately, even though doctors try to run on time, emergencies happen, conversations take longer than expected, and delays do occur.  While most patients understand that delays are inevitable, they would like to be informed when they happen.  WaitChecker keeps patients informed by allowing patients and doctors to communicate these delays.

How can I help?

This service is absolutely free.  We will do whatever we can to get the wait time information for your doctor prior to your appointment.  We need doctors to communicate their official wait times and patients to share information from the waiting room to help patients coming in later that day.  So, please share what is going on in the waiting room and let's make a difference together.

How do I share information in real time from my doctor's office?

Just simply respond to the email or text message you get when you are at the doctor's office. For more info, see How It Works. Doctors, Contact Us to learn how you can broadcast your official wait time for free.